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Professional orthodontic treatments


Are you self-conscious about your uneven or overcrowded teeth? Don't hide your smile any longer; Spa Dental Care of Hockley offers orthodontic treatments that will restore your confidence and give you smiles for miles!

  • Virtually transparent

  • Comfortable and pain-free

  • Secure yet removable

  • Quick and easy to apply

  • Value for money

Benefits of In-Line®

Don't worry if you're nervous about dental treatments, at Spa Dental Practice we pride ourselves on putting you at ease and helping to alleviate your anxiety.


Our clinic in Hockley is a pleasant, tranquil setting where you can feel at ease. We will do our utmost to keep you smiling throughout!

No need for nerves

Spa Dental Care uses the In-Line® Orthodontic system which differs from traditional metal braces. In-Line® utilises virtually invisible braces, enabling you to correct the alignment of your teeth without the appearance of unsightly wires and fixtures.

Don't worry about unsightly braces

Don't hide your

No more wires!

For virtually invisible braces call 01702 206 011

For the ultimate smile, we also offer teeth whitening. Find out more.

Spa Dental Care uses the In-Line® Orthodontic system

"Always so welcoming. The treatment given is fully explained with the comfort of the patient always to the fore. Many thanks for the outstanding performance, dentist and receptionists!"

Mrs J